domingo, 10 de mayo de 2009

about me

Helloo there! my name is Marian Diaz and i´m 21 years old. I live in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Right now I´m studying Industrial Engineer and Fashion Design, two very oppositive careers, but I really like both. Love Industrial Engineer but definetely I´m a design type person, I really love to create and play with clothes, accesories, colors and fabric.

I like to spend a loot of time searching information about fashion and new trends, like reading fashion magazines, fashion blogs, fashion TV programs and all source that can exist about fashion.
I love music, I can enjoy all type of music. Love to enjoy life and nature, spending time with friends, trips and live different kind of experiences, like living in other cities, meeting new people and differents cultures.

My dream is to graduate from both career and the principal to have my own clothes line and I can say that I´m making my dream come true.

LEarning languages is a hobbie to me, I enjoy learning other languages because it´s a open door to know other cultures around the world. Right now I speak English, Spanish and Italian and a little, little bit of German.

And well, to say goodbye I think this will be a different type of practicing English for me, I´ve never blogged in my life so it can be an interesting experience.

Good bye and hope you really enjoy the blog!