lunes, 1 de junio de 2009

Going Green, real green.

Since the world contamination gets bigger and worse, everyone is concerning about what to do to find solutions to the huge problem that is destroying the big place that we live in, called WORLD.

Some people think that just with separating paper, plastic and organic material from each other is recycling and doing that it’s going to clean up all the mess, which is not.

At this point of contamination, bigger and smarter ideas must be born; ideas that would solve this huge problem from the root and not from the deathly results that we are watching every day.

Thinking in that proactive way, may result in better ideas like improving the usage of raw material and energy in a "green" way, in order to reduce the pollution and to stop the unmeasured use of nature raw material.

Although this kind of improvement also help in financial saved for an industry. Searching materials and energy efficiency, it could reduce cost in production lines and helping with the fight against this global care problem which is massive pollution.

The interesting webcast of IBM of Going Green, really help me out to reach better ideas in order to reduce contamination. No just recycling, but thinking hard and finding ideas that can be a magnificent innovation in this field.

In conclusion, Industrial Engineer the application of these ideas can be a breakthrough in order to improve, reducing the time in production lines and even the usage of the raw material.

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